Creating a Standard for Permission Group Names

Permissions in SharePoint can get very complicated. Here is one simple way to make it a bit less confusing for the Site Owner.

When creating a new site with unique permissions, SP will suggest the group names based on the site name.

For a new Sales site it will suggest Sales Visitors, Sales Members, Sales Owners.








The terms Visitors, Members, and Owners are associated with specific permissions:

  • Visitors – read – can view pages and list items and download documents
  • Members – contribute – can view, add, update, and delete list items and documents
  • Owners – full control – has full control (create anything – delete anything)

Including the terms Visitors, Members, and Owners in a permission group name and making it a standard for site owners across sites, will make it easier to:

  • understand what permissions are assigned to a group
  • troubleshoot a permission issue
  • add a user to a specific group

It just one little step in creating a standard that will go a long way.